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Dog training classes

Stage 2 life skills


Improve basic life skills and obedience

Strengthen owner-dog bond

Understand behaviours

Suitable for:

Dogs older than 6 months

Fully vaccinated dogs

Dogs who are non reactive to humans and other dogs

Class content:

Session 1

Aim: Improve general control and find your dogs motivations.

Session 2

Aim: Improve responsiveness to commands and loose lead walking

Session 3

Aim: Improve recall and focus on you.

Session 4

Aim: Understanding behaviours, teach new tricks.

Dog training - £100 for four week course.

These classes are booked as a block, they are not roll on roll off as per puppy classes.

Contact us if you are unsure of your dogs suitability for the course. 

Our Accreditations and professional memberships

Association of Pet Behaviour Councellors
Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors
The Assocation of the Study of Animal Behaviour
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